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Vitality Vetcare

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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

There is no line between conventional and natural therapies.

Our priority is what is going to be of the most benefit to your animal.

Modern Veterinary Hospital

Modern Veterinary Hospital

State of the art surgical, x-ray & hospital facilities.

We aim to create a pleasant relaxed welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

We use Western and Chinese herbal medicines for a wide range of acute and chronic problems including skin, digestive, nervous and painful conditions.

Vitality Vetcare Homeopathy

Vitality Vetcare Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of acute and long-term problems for a particular animal or group of animals.


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A Walk In My Shoes.

on Wednesday, 08 June 2016. Posted in Vitality Vetcare Latest News and Events

A short story by Ally Grace

It was a crisp morning in September, the beginning of Spring in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. The sun was peaking through the trees offering the perfect opportunity to catch some rays, to “energise” before addressing the routine of the day ahead. I stretched the full length of my body and took in my surroundings, familiar to me for the last decade; a peaceful country setting, a rustic cottage with a wooden fence and a hedge that hadn’t been trimmed for some time - a hedge that provided a haven for birds, snakes and perhaps a bandicoot or a native marsupial of some type.

I knew there would be activity soon enough, the morning routine of kids, the rumble of the school bus, the radio on and the smell of morning coffee but today something was different….

A truck rumbled loudly into my reverie. Two strangers, one with a straw hat and one wearing a floral bandana, unloaded a lawn mower and a whipper snipper and then a couple of dogs scrambled out and started sniffing around.

 As a general rule I am not good with change of routine. I have my daily pattern and anything out of the ordinary disturbs me so this unannounced interruption was rather startling. Add the fact that my eyesight prevents me from seeing too well then you will understand that I was feeling a little agitated to say the least! The machinery started and hurt my inner ears and then, without warning, one of the dogs suddenly appeared in front of me and barked sharply, sending terror through my veins. My reaction was to strike out in defence which brought Bandana Lady running toward me, screaming loudly. Red Hat Man grabbed a shovel and loomed over me brandishing his weapon…..

My wounds were severe. As I took my last breath I pondered my simple life as a snake, a simple routine of warming up in familiar surroundings, looking around for a meal from time to time then moving on to my next favourite rest place. How sad that it should end simply because someone didn’t understand me.

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