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Vitality Vetcare

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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

There is no separation between conventional and natural therapies.

Our priority is what is going to be of the most benefit to your animal.

Voluntary Wildlife Care

Voluntary Wildlife Care

Pro-bono treatment of Australian wildlife

We collaborate with local wildlife groups to provide excellent care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

We use Western and Chinese herbal medicines for a wide range of acute and chronic problems including skin, digestive, nervous and painful conditions.

Vitality Vetcare Homeopathy

Vitality Vetcare Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of acute and long-term problems for a particular animal or group of animals.


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Keeping our clients informed

The team at Vitality Vetcare want to be clear and open with you about our fees for the services that we provide for you and your animals.  Please ask us if you have any questions or are unsure about our services and fees. We aim to give you an estimate of the fees before an animal is admitted into hospital or undergoes a procedure. Sometimes it is not easy to give a simple estimate especially if the fees change according to how quickly an animal responds to treatment or whether there are complications or extra procedures required. We aim to do our best to provide a range of payment options for our clients including cash, eftpos, credit card, VetPay and Centrepay.

Vets study at university for 5-6 years to complete a degree in veterinary science, depending on which university they attend. Vet students learn about all species of animals and spend many hours gaining experience during semester and holiday time. All vets have to be registered with their state or territory veterinary board in order to practice. Veterinary boards ensure that vets have the required veterinary degree, adhere to a code of ethics and engage in life-long continuing professional development as well as maintaining standards in veterinary hospitals and investigating complaints from members of the public.

The cost of medical care can come as a surprise when Medicare covers most of the costs of medical fees for humans in Australia. There is no government support for your animal’s medical care. If you compare veterinary fees with other professional service fees, they are not excessive.  Your vet is much more than a GP. Your vet is also your animal’s surgeon, radiologist, dermatologist, neurologist, oncologist, behaviourist, nutritionist, pharmacist, physiotherapist and in our practice, herbalist, homeopath, acupuncturist and healer.

Vet fees include the costs of establishing and maintaining a veterinary hospital, salaries for the whole team, providing an after-hours service, other overheads, stock and equipment. A vet hospital contains more facilities and equipment than a GP’s practice. The cost of running a vet practice varies with the levels of service and expertise offered and location. For example, a mobile vet has much less overheads than a vet hospital and provides a limited service requiring referral to a vet hospital for serious or complex cases. The differences in the levels of service, care and expertise between vets will be reflected in their fees.

Vitality Vetcare offers a wide range of payment options. Apart from the usual methods such as cash, eftpos and credit cards, we offer payment plans such as VetPay and Centrepay.

VetPay is designed to help pet owners pay for veterinary expenses. It is about starting treatment now and paying for it over time. Clients of ours who have used VetPay have been delighted to have that option and happy with their experiences with VetPay

Centrepay is a free bill paying service for people who use Centrelink to pay bills as regular deductions from their Centrelink payments.

Pet insurance is another way to help cover some of the costs of veterinary care. We recommend pet insurance to ensure you have peace in case your pet has an accident or serious illness, including tick paralysis or snake bite. There are big differences between policies, so please read the fine print. Some policies cover your pet for life and provide 100% rebate on claims, less excess and others do not. Beware of adding your animals to your house insurance as it may affect your premium. You are more likely to make a claim for your pet than your house. More on Pet insurance on the Australian Veterinary Association website.

Opening Hours

10am - 6pm Tue - Thur

Consultations by appointment only. A late appointment may be available on Thursday evenings

Late cancellation fees may apply


Emergencies: please call your referring general practice vet or

North Coast Emergency Vets, Ballina 0424 054 056 weekends & PH

Animal Emergency Service, Carrara, Gold Coast 07 5559 1599


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