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Vitality Vetcare

Phone: 02 6687 0675
4a Ballina Rd Bangalow
NSW 2479 Australia

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

There is no separation between conventional and natural therapies.

Our priority is what is going to be of the most benefit to your animal.

Voluntary Wildlife Care

Voluntary Wildlife Care

Pro-bono treatment of Australian wildlife

We collaborate with local wildlife groups to provide excellent care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

We use Western and Chinese herbal medicines for a wide range of acute and chronic problems including skin, digestive, nervous and painful conditions.

Vitality Vetcare Homeopathy

Vitality Vetcare Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of acute and long-term problems for a particular animal or group of animals.


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Vitality Vetcare Integrative Medicine

The team at Vitality Vetcare have a compassionate holistic approach to integrating conventional and complementary veterinary medicine. There is no line between conventional and natural therapies. We aim to optimise your animal’s health and to safely, rapidly and effectively facilitate your animal’s return to health.  If your animal needs surgery for example, then we can do this or if necessary refer your animal to a specialist and provide extra support for your animal during and after the procedure by giving fluid therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture or herbal medicine as required.

Holistic Consultations

A holistic approach means looking at your animal or herd as a whole, not just focussing on the presenting problem. Your animal’s treatment plan will be tailored according to her unique needs and circumstances.  If your animal has an acute problem that has only recently started then the consultation will usually be short e.g. 15 minutes. An animal with a more complex problem or one that has become chronic and persisted for a long time usually requires a longer and more detailed consultation e.g.30-60 minutes.  It is often more cost effective and produces better results sooner to spend the time getting to the root of a long-term problem in the beginning rather than either applying a short-term treatment or repeating what may have been tried in the past. It is essential to the process that we have a detailed medical history from other veterinarians involved in your animal’s care and that you attend follow-up consultations to review progress and plan ahead to optimising your animal’s health in the future.

The elements of a holistic consultation include:

  • Observation: careful observation of an animal’s behaviour & interactions with others
  • Medical History: in-depth questions about the presenting condition, previous problems, behaviour, diet, exercise & lifestyle. The time taken to do this gives your animal a chance to explore and relax.
  • Physical examination: your animal will be thoroughly examined all over
  • Diagnostic tests: further tests may be done as required e.g. x-rays, blood or urine tests
  • Treatment Plan: our assessment of your animal’s health problem and treatment options will be discussed with you. A treatment plan will be formulated and medicines dispensed as required.
  • Review: it is crucial that your animal’s response to treatment is assessed at a shorter follow-up consultation as this provides lots of useful information and helps us to formulate a health plan for your animal.

Our team at Vitality Vetcare are here to work in partnership with you to enable your animal to live a happy and healthy life.

To book a consultation for your animals ph: 02 66 87 0675 or visit our contact page to send us a message.

Opening Hours

10am - 6pm Tue - Thur

Consultations by appointment only. A late appointment may be available on Thursday evenings

Late cancellation fees may apply


Emergencies: please call your referring general practice vet or

North Coast Emergency Vets, Ballina 0424 054 056 weekends & PH

Animal Emergency Service, Carrara, Gold Coast 07 5559 1599


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