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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

There is no separation between conventional and natural therapies.

Our priority is what is going to be of the most benefit to your animal.

Voluntary Wildlife Care

Voluntary Wildlife Care

Pro-bono treatment of Australian wildlife

We collaborate with local wildlife groups to provide excellent care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

We use Western and Chinese herbal medicines for a wide range of acute and chronic problems including skin, digestive, nervous and painful conditions.

Vitality Vetcare Homeopathy

Vitality Vetcare Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of acute and long-term problems for a particular animal or group of animals.


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Smile - your vet's got it covered!

on Monday, 20 July 2015. Posted in Vitality Vetcare Latest News and Events

 August is Pet Dental Month at Vitality Vetcare 

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Pet Dental Health Month is the annual celebration of healthy smiles and the well-being of our pets. The team at Vitality Vetcare are again pleased to participate by offering FREE Dental Checks  for dogs and cats with our qualified veterinary nurses for the month of August.

Sadly four out of five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease which may go unnoticed by owners.

Not sure of your pets dental health? Book your pet, whether he or she is a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, horse or something else, for their Dental Check with our lovely staff at Vitality Vetcare in Bangalow on 02 66872720.

Our 10 point dental discussion

1. Dental disease is one of the most common diseases suffered by dogs and cats - 85% of all dogs and cats three years of age and older have some degree of dental disease, that requires treatment and/or preventative care. cat dental

2. Bad breath isn't normal and is often a sign of dental disease in your pet - When tartar build up isn't removed it turns into a solid, beige calculus that covers the tooth.  Gums then recede from around the teeth and other supporting structures as the teeth are weakened leading to tooth infections and tooth loss. This process is called periodontal disease and is the cause of your pet's bad breath. 

3. Dental disease is painful and can cause behaviour changes in your pet - Pets often do not show signs of pain. Even pets with sore gums, infected mouths and broken teeth will continue to eat so owners may not see any problem. However, dental disease hurts and an affected pet can be in constant pain. This may also manifest as a change in your pet's behaviour. Aggression, depression, reclusiveness as well as rubbing it's face on the ground and paws regularly or drooling can be signs of dental disease.

4. Dental Disease can cause irreversible damage - When left untreated tartar causes infection to set in and a condition called gingivitis occurs. Gingivitis is usually reversible. However, when this goes untreated it leads to infection and erosion of the bone around the tooth, eventually causing tooth loss and sometimes even bone loss. This is known as periodontal disease, which is irreversible.

5. Dental Disease affects organs other than teeth - Once periodontal disease is present bacteria gain access to the body’s circulation, travel to and may result in heart, liver, brain, joint and kidney disease. When bacteria have spread to the heart, liver and kidneys supportive medication may be required. Pets with advanced dental disease can have increased white blood cells in their circulation and raised liver and kidney enzymes.

6. Soft foods can play a role in dental disease -   Feeding your pet only soft or wet food provides little or no abrasive action against the teeth when chewing and so offer little to prevent plaque formation. Dry foods tend to encourage chewing and tend to be more abrasive, specially designed dental formulas are the best option outside of raw meaty bones.

dental exam II7. Raw meaty bones and good quality dry food help to keep a pet's teeth clean - Raw meaty bones are good toothbrushes and while attempting to strip the meat from the bone, your pet is flossing at the same time! Always remember to feed raw bones. For cats and small dogs, chicken wings and necks are good. Meaty lamb shanks and the smaller ox-tails are good for medium-sized dogs and ox tails, marrow bones and brisket bones are good for the bigger breeds.

8. You can brush your pets teeth - Brushing your pet's teeth is a safe and effective way of preventing dental disease. Dogs and cats can be trained to enjoy a regular brushing and there are a number of products available to help pet owners maintain optimal dental hygiene in their pets.

9. There are other products available to assist healthy teeth and gums - Some products are as simple as adding a special meat flavoured enzyme to your pets drinking water making oral hygene even easier. The team at Vitality Vetcare are available to help guide you through finding a porgram that work for you and your pets.

10. Regular dental check ups are important - Having your pet's teeth checked every year will go a long way in preventing serious dental disease. Dental checks are performed at the time of your pet's annual health check. So skipping an annual health check because your dogs vaccination schedule is every 3 years may mean early detection of dental disease is missed.

Unfortunately, dogs and cats do not say "Aahhhhh ....." long enough for the vet to treat the teeth. This means that general anaesthetic is needed to treat most dental problems in cats and dogs.

Consequently, it is important that you bring your pet to Vitality Vetcare for a general examination at least once every year. As part of this health check, the vet will carefully examine the teeth and gums to look for any problems that may be developing. If these are noticed early, then it may be possible to provide treatment without having to use a general anaesthetic.

Vitality Vetcare is offering FREE Dental Checks for dogs & cats with our nurses during the month of August. This is in support of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Pet Dental Month. The aim of Pet Dental Month is to educate pet owners about dental problems, prevention and treatment. We will also recommend a healthy balanced natural diet to help prevent dental problems.

Be sure to phone Vitality Vetcare on 02 6687 0675 to make an appointment with a nurse for your FREE Dental Check.


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